Galacticare Wednesday - Colossals

Josh Bishop

Welcome to this week’s Galacticare Wednesday!

This week’s topic is one that hasn’t really been showcased publicly, so consider this Wednesday to be the premiere reveal party for the Colossals.

Some xenobiologists argue that “Colossal” should be a term used for all the galaxy’s hyperfauna but, for now, we’ll talk about the familiar, whaley ones which swim between the stars.

In the demo, you met Bazzanorothogoria - Baz, to his friends - who’s suffering from a new malady and checks in at Galacticare’s hospital. In a rare instance of sapient-Colossal contact, he speaks to us - and in the voice of Richard Ridings, who’ll be familiar to anyone who has fallen under the “mentorship” of Mendechaus.

Species Overview

“Colossal” is the name bestowed by terrans upon a particular species of gargantuan, space-faring being. Though they must surely have their own word for whatever they are, they don’t seem bothered by the term. Hopefully, they feel like it’s an endearing nickname.

It’s hard to know for sure, though; they’re infamously elusive and naturally capable of loam-jumping, going wherever they please at whatever time they desire.

As Colossals jump and weave through the galaxy, they occasionally leave holes and rifts behind which allow access to the Loam - the tangle of highly-compressed, warped space which permits our faster-than-light travel.

It’s perhaps little surprise then that they hold such a revered position in most cultures as, whether by accident or design, they’re ultimately responsible for connecting the species of our galaxy together via Loamspace.

Based on the network of gates and loamholes, it’s been theorized that the Colossals are intentionally creating bridges between the galaxy’s various cultures. While hard to prove, given they so scarcely communicate, the routes of the tunnels left in their wake make for a compelling argument.

Colossal Society

The scarce reports of Colossals engaging with other species suggest both a vast intellect and a deep knowledge of the universe. Given that they’ve been skirting the edges of colonised space for as long as we have records, and that so many cultures’ mythologies make reference to the space-whales, they’ve clearly been observing things for a very, very long time.

Recently there has been a marked change in their behavior; whereas Colossals were once highly rare and elusive, they’ve begun taking a more active role in engaging with the wider galactic community. Though they remain incredibly tight-lipped about their own nature and origins, they seem very interested in that of the sapient races, though the reason for this curiosity remains starkly unknown.

Whatever the case, due to the lack of any perceived means of recording, they must possess the ability to retain strong memories. It’s theorized that they possess some means of sharing knowledge through emotional bonds similar to those witnessed in the Vizarj species.


[REDACTED] -and that’s why we’ve kept them hidden from the public eye until now.

That brings this Galacticare Wednesday to a close! We hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little bit about the Colossals and the way they’ve shaped Galacticare’s galaxy.

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Have a wonderful, wisdom filled, rest of the week!

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