Consultant Spotlight - Twiggy Pop!

Gloria Nava

Greetings, Directors!

On this Galacticare Wednesday, we’re looking through a microscopic lens at one of our rock star consultants, Twiggy Pop!

A celebrity of the galaxy, Twiggy Pop is widely known for her songs about rebellious youth and love. But did you know she was a doctor before her singing career took off? After witnessing Galacticare’s handiwork, she was inspired to dust off the old doctorate and lend a helping hand to ailing aliens who need it!

Her unique ability enhances nearby doctors' work, creating positive boosts for all. Keep your rooms within close proximity, or have Twiggy Pop close to rooms that could benefit from her aura.

Who knows, maybe her love for helping others will spark inspiration for a new album!

Consultants are like heroes in the medical world. Unlock new consultants as you play and bring them along as you journey across the galaxy. You can even revisit older levels with them!

Until next time, Directors!
- Brightrock & CULT

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