The Dreamarium

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Welcome back to Galacticare Wednesday

This week we wanted to officially introduce the Dreamarium, a treatment designed to rearrange what goes on inside a patients head.

This quick introduction video will let you in on the basics of how this treatment works:


The Dreamarium creature stays idle on it's platform with 2 beds on either side of it. One bed for the doctor and the other for the patient.

In front of the creature is a pad for where the creature projects images of the patient's subconscious.

Treatment process

Phase 1 - The beds position the doctor and patient next to the creature, ready for treatment.

Phase 2 - The creature acts as a bridge between the minds of the doctor and patient, allowing the doctor to cure the patient.

Images of the patient's mind can be seen projected onto the pad throughout.


The Dreamium is also the perfect place for some of our favourite brain related props in the game:

Brain food (Left) - Brain Wash (Right)

And that’s all for this week, not much longer until you can build & run your own Dreamarium! A lot of questions have come up about release dates and what we can say is the wait won’t be much longer now - the entire team is in full focus mode to get the game ready so you may notice us going a little quieter during this period.

For now, Galacticare Wednesdays & Condition Treatment Journals will be coming out once every 2 weeks so we can prioritise on the game while also making sure you all have a little bit of content to enjoy in the meantime!

We'll be keeping you updated all through our TikTok, Twitter, and Discord.

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