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Meet your Hospital Rating System in Galacticare.

The Hospital Rating system is your route to learn about the many, many things you might be doing wrong well. It’ll drill down into various areas of your hospital, your finances, and the wellbeing of your staff and patients.

Some of these categories are fairly straightforward (eg: how many of your patients survive their tribulations treatment in your hospital?), and some are more complex (eg: how healthy are patients when they escape leave the hospital?).

The other categories include your throughput (how many patients are you treating?), the mood and needs of your staff and patients (is everyone happy?), individual species desires, and of course, your finances - which, depending on your world galactic view, may be the most important one!

There’s also a tab for the Species Desires that we covered in an earlier blog post. As a quick refresh, each species has two unique desires that need to be fulfilled to keep them happy. For example, the Dyonai really like seeing plant decorations, and even though they don’t eat or drink the Vizarj really like toilets to be spread out and easily accessible throughout the hospital - but what do they actually do in there?

Each of these tabs has a core stat:

  • Success Rate core stat: % of patients that survive
  • Health core stat: Average patient health at end of treatment
  • Throughput core stat: Treatments completed in the past 10 minutes
  • Desires core stat: % of species desires above the “good” threshold
  • Patients core stat: Average patient mood
  • Staff core stat: Average staff mood
  • Finances core stat: Total revenue in the past 3 cycles

And most tabs also contain a bunch of additional measurements, information, and tips. These all contribute towards the core stat in their category - for example, the success rate tab will break down the various ways you can “fail” (...kill) a patient, and what you can do to avoid that.

All of your core stats then contribute to your overall hospital rating - which is helpfully summarised in the summary tab!

On this tab you can see a breakdown of common thoughts from your patients and staff. Perhaps there’s a lack of art? Or a few too many corpses on the ground? Whatever the problem, this gross invasion of privacy will let you know.

Lastly, there’s also a series of rewards available to unlock on each level as you improve the rating of your hospital. On level 2 (Burning Moon), you can unlock a delightful hologram of Leonard Moon performing his favourite dance moves.


And that's it for this week's Galacticare Wednesday!

Fingers crossed your patients give you the most glorious 5-star reviews for your services!

Don’t forget we publish a new deep-dive blog post once a month, and more weekly explorations (including daily Condition Research Journals) across our TikTok, Twitter, and Discord.

See you next week for another instalment of Galacticare Wednesday!

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