Test Subject: Steam Demo

Going through clinical trials is no joke, and we're about to subject ourselves to a big one: launching a steam demo during the Next Fest.

Josh Bishop

Greetings Director,

We have some exciting news! You'll be able to get hands on with a demo of Galacticare on Monday, June 19th as part of the Steam Next Fest. It’s time to hear what the world feels about our game - which is absolutely terrifying, wait no, terrific I mean.

A sneak peek from the demo!

Our demo takes you through the first two levels of Galacticare; from company onboarding around Earth’s orbit, to curing metalheads at the hectic and irreverent Burning Moon Festival. You’ll meet part of the game’s cast and hero characters, get acquainted with our core gameplay systems, put costumes on Medibots, and hopefully keep most of your patients alive.

We’ve had an absolute blast preparing this first demo for you all, partially because it pushed us to finalise several aspects we’ve been working on until the very last moment, one of them being finding the right voice talent. Casting several of our main characters and finally hearing them truly come to life felt equally surreal and exhilarating.

It’s been a long time coming, and our eyes will be glued to Discord and our socials the coming week; we’re thrilled to hear what you think, and “thrilled” to see which bugs you’ll run into (Xil don’t count.)

On the topic of Xil - this video is set to be released on Monday, but we put it up as unlisted for you exclusively, dear reader.

Last week we had the privilege of meeting journalists and creators during the Summer Game Fest Play Days (mouthful, we know), one of the highlights being Jesse Cox killing an unkillable VIP patient. Take a look at some of the coverage below!

Space hospital game Galacticare gets demo next week
A demo for space hospital game Galacticare will be released next week as part of Steam Next Fest. From indie developer …
Galacticare is a freaky, funny and unique hospital sim | Hands-on preview | GodisaGeek.com
Galacticare splits its time perfectly between genuinely challenging management and tongue-in-cheek humour, but with a Red Dwarf-ish flavour.
Startopia meets Theme Hospital in this jaunty space hospital sim
Galacticare, out later this year with a demo in the Steam Next Fest, is a pleasing mashup of some classic management sims

We also shared demo keys with various press outlets and creators, meaning you may see some of your favourite streamers play prior to the 19th.

For those so inclined to watch us instead of the professionals, we will be streaming the demo and fielding questions, suggestions and feedback thrice this coming week. Come tell us all about how carbon based lifeforms are inferior to silicon, or how HEAL’s attitude problems make you feel.

Watch on Steam / Twitch / YouTube

  • Monday @ 16:00 UTC (18:00 CEST / 12:00 EDT)
  • Wednesday June 21st @ 17:30 UTC (19:30 CEST / 13:30 EDT)
  • Saturday 24th @ 22:30 UTC / (00:30 Sunday CEST / 19:30 EDT)

Check out our FAQ on Steam for more information about what to expect in the build, and keep up to date with known issues as they arise.

We’ll be posting more deep dives into Galacticare on this blog in the coming weeks (up next: music, consultants and more details on our lovely voice cast), and TikTok / YouTube are the places to go for more digestible tidbits, if that’s your thing!

Heads up - we’re still working on implementing our localization; whereas this demo is only available in English, the full game will also feature French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, simplified Chinese, Korean and Polish.

That’s all for now. We hope you enjoy our demo and tell us all about your experience - see you on discord and do not forget to wishlist!

Until next time Director,

- Brightrock Games

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