Galacticare Wednesday - New Music

Josh Bishop

Welcome to this week's Galacticare Wednesday!

For this week, musically immerse yourself into the Galacticare universe; we've released two new tracks from the Galacticare OST, 'Neuro Nebular' and 'Intercellular'! Our full soundtrack is brought to you by Epic Mountain, whose celestial work on Kurzgesagt you might be familiar with. After listening to these new tracks, as well as the rest of the OST, you'll understand why we're truly honoured to work with them.

Check them out on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music, and make sure to follow Epic Mountain on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!

Furthermore, we also released a sneak peek of Galacticare gameplay this week, brought to you through the lens of an FPS player. Check out how nice her decorations are and how her patients die "accidentally" in the video below!

Finally, this past week we explored Cranial Leech in our Condition Research Journals, and starting tomorrow we’ll indulge in another, more shocking condition.

That concludes this week's Galacticare Wednesday!

We hope Epic Mountain's amazing music and our gameplay sneak peek have brought you new facets of enjoyment for Galacticare.

Don’t forget we publish a new deep-dive blog post once a month, and more weekly explorations (including daily Condition Research Journals) across our TikTok, Twitter, and Discord.

Have a wonderful rest of the week. See you next Wednesday!

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