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Welcome back to Galacticare Wednesday!

For any collectors out there, we have something for you.

Today we are rolling out Community Items on Steam which include Galacticare Trading Cards, Badges, Emoticons & Backgrounds.

Trading Cards

In total, there are 12 Trading cards.

Half the card set is received while playing Galacticare (based on playtime in the game), the other half is earned through collecting (trading with or buying from other users through Steam and the Steam Community Market)

Each trading card is based on a different character in Galacticare, and each of them have their own poster image.


Once you have all 12 trading cards to complete the set, you will be able to craft a badge. There are 5 regular badges and one foil badge. Level 1 requires collecting the set 1 time, and 5 times for Level 5.

And finally the foil badge is earned only after collecting a set of rare foil trading cards (GOOD LUCK).

Emoticons & Backgrounds

Crafting a badge doesn’t only grant you that badge, it also grants a single custom emoticon which can be used in chat on Steam, or traded on the Steam Marketplace - as well as 1 Galacticare Steam background to decorate your profile as you wish.

And that's it for this week, best of luck earning all your Trading Cards and Badges! Let us know which ones you'll be looking to add to your collections.

Until next time Director,

  • Brightrock & CULT

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