Galacticare is releasing May 23

Brightrock Games

Greetings Director,

The galaxy needs you, stat! Your starting date has been confirmed by the board, we expect great achievements and even greater profits.

Galacticare is releasing on May 23rd at 07:00 PDT / 10:00 EDT / 14:00 UTC / 15:00 BST / 16:00 CEST / 23:00 JST.

Thank you for supporting and encouraging us throughout this journey - especially those who have been part of our community since early days, when the game was only known as “Project Aftercare”. If you’ve got a friend, foe or family member who might be a fan, please consider sharing the trailer and help us satiate the algorithm gods!

It also seems like there’s a message coming through from the… Underworld?

War for the Overworld x Galacticare - Crossover

To celebrate the release of Galacticare and our legacy, we’ve designed a pair of crossover skins to bridge the rift from the Milky Way to Kairos - available for free if you own both games on Steam!

In War for the Overworld, your loyal imps will don the remains of a broken Medibot, and in Galacticare your Medibots have a dashing new Imp-inspired chassis available to them.

See you on May 23rd!

- Brightrock Games

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