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Greetings Director,

Welcome back to Galacticare Wednesday! It’s been just under one week since Galacticare took its first stride to the stars - and what a week it’s been!

Before we get into that though check out this awesome cake featuring the undeniably attractive Baz.

150,000 Directors

We’re very pleased with how the game has been received thus far, with over 150,000 new directors joining Galacticare’s ranks across all platforms and stores!

We’re incredibly pleased with how well the game has been received. The style, sensibility, humour, narrative, visuals and gameplay are all resonating well, and that means we already have something special on our hands.

But that doesn’t make it perfect, and it was certainly never going to be perfect. We’re tracking feedback and engaging with the community daily across Steam, Discord and beyond to work out where we can deliver improvements so that everyone can enjoy the game more. So please read on, but also drop us a line in the comments, discussion threads or our Discord - we’re really eager to hear your feedback!

Patch 1.0.4

As you may already be aware, we’ve deployed two updates since launch: v1.0.2 and v1.0.3, but we’re not stopping there and are hard at work on v1.0.4, which fixes several commonly-reported issues:

  • Decorative species desires not being fulfilled by decorations in rooms
  • Doctors not using Training Room when manually assigned
  • Doctors only using the Staff Lounge very infrequently
  • Consultant goals not progressing
  • Congestion issues

And much, much more.

This update also brings an initial set of balance tweaks based on community feedback, as well as a number of camera control options (including the ability to disable camera shake).

We’re hoping to have v1.0.4 with you as soon as possible. It’ll be coming to Steam first, followed by GOG and PS5 shortly after. Xbox & PC Game Pass builds are currently slightly behind due to platform certification requirements, but we’re hoping to get closer to parity in the coming weeks and months.

We’re working hard to patch everything that gets reported to us, so if you encounter any issues please do give us a shout on our support site and follow the instructions on how to report issues to the highest quality.


We’ve been following the discussion surrounding the game’s difficulty with great interest, and we agree with the sentiment that Galacticare should provide a more challenging gameplay experience for more experienced management game players.

Galacticare has long been envisioned as a game with a very low barrier to entry, while also having a number of additional systems for more experienced players to play with. The goal was that these systems were all opt-in, and not required in order for less experienced players to be able to succeed at the game.  

In essence: It’s all actually working as intended, but our intent wasn’t quite on target.

We’ve come to the conclusion that lowering the barrier to entry this much has resulted in a number of these gameplay systems feeling superfluous for players who are experienced in the genre. If you’re already doing well, why make use of upgrades, consultants, and other tools?

It’s still very early days, but we’re looking into a number of options to provide that challenging experience without compromising on the low barrier to entry (which, based on feedback, is preferable to a large portion of the audience!).

v1.0.4 will bring a few minor balance changes, and we’ve begun testing a much wider set of difficulty-focused balance changes internally this week. We’ll have more information on that soon™

That’s about all we have for you today, thanks for taking the time to read through and thank you for trying out Galacticare! We expect that there’s a bright future ahead!

Until next time Director,

  • Brightrock & CULT

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