Condition Research Journals - Hypersleep Crust

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First Diagnosis: It's getting pretty gross up in the labs again! What a great time to be a research student

Research Level 1: Dr. Ultra is on the case! And someone's given her a large weapon to play with

Research Level 2: Dr. Ultra keeps calling them Crusty, is that appropriate? Also she mentioned something about 'Space Ghosts'? Trying to note all this down is exhausting work

Research Level 3: Dr. Ultra scares me quite a lot but at least I'm learning - I think

Research Level 4: SHE GETS PAID THE MEDIUM BUCKS?? There's really no hope for me, is there

Research Level 5: I knew Dr. Ultra would figure it out eventually, though she still seems quite hooked on this 'space ghost' theory of hers - These Consultants are a bit peculiar

That concludes this week's Condition Research Journals on Hypersleep Crust. See you next week for another condition. Follow our Twitter and Discord to see these posted daily!

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