Update Notes: Version 1.0.5

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Greetings Director,

We’re continuing to plink away at the feedback you’ve been throwing our way. This update delivers a number of much requested Quality of Life features and many more fixes and improvements elsewhere paving a foundation for more extensive updates that we have in the works.


“Apply to All” for Medibot Skins

  • Added a button in the Medibot skin selection list which applies the currently-selected skin to all Medibots in the hospital

“Skip Story” Option

  • Added the ability to skip the story and unlock sandbox mode on every map
  • This will unlock all levels, “complete” all levels, unlock all consultants, unlock all conditions and unlock all Craftech
  • This will not unlock any reputation or rating rewards
  • This process cannot be reversed
  • This option can be found in the settings screen in the game tab

“Reset Profile” Option

  • Added the ability to fully reset your game profile
  • This will reset all progress and delete all hospitals
  • This process cannot be reversed, so don’t use it unless you’re sure!
  • This option can be found in the settings screen in the game tab

Game Settings

  • Camera zoom in / out is now rebindable (PC only)
  • Added settings to enable or disable the default prop placement lenses (for decoration, etc)
  • The default value for sliders is now visually indicated on the slider

Game Systems & Balance

Character Mood & Needs

Attaining a high average mood value for patients was proving difficult due to the lack of available thoughts they had compared to staff (which also have thoughts for staff lounge capacity and their salary). To compensate, patients now receive a higher mood impact from species desires. We’ve also improved the behaviour of environment-related thoughts in unbuildable areas.

  • Species Desires now increase and decrease patient mood by 15% (up from 5%)
  • This is still only 5% for staff
  • Environmental thoughts (for decoration & mess) are now paused when entering a non-buildable area, instead of being removed entirely
  • This prevents patients entering an unbuildable area becoming arbitrarily sad without the player being able to do anything about it

Hospital Rating

We’ve improved the hospital rating system to allow us to make some per-level adjustments. As such, we’ve reduced the throughput and finances rating requirements in a few levels which were particularly tough to get a good rating in, and increased the requirements in all other levels. We’ve also made a few additional adjustments that follow some bug fixes in both 1.0.4 and 1.0.5 which made certain ratings easier to attain than intended.

  • Patient mood requirement increased from 85% to 90%
  • Staff mood requirement increased from 85% to 90%
  • Throughput rating requirement reduced by 35% in Chapter 1
  • Throughput rating requirement reduced by 5% in Chapter 2
  • Throughput rating requirement increased by 30% in all other levels
  • Finances rating requirement reduced by 35% in Chapter 8
  • Finances rating requirement increased by 30% in all other levels
  • Slightly increased the requirements for several decorative species desires


Chapter 1

  • Throughput rating requirement reduced by 35%
  • Added an alarming alarm sound effect to the mid-level cutscene
  • Fixed an issue where the tutorial would highlight consultants for inspection rather than doctors
  • Medi should now be in the correct place for his introduction cutscene instead of wandering off

Chapter 2

  • Throughput rating requirement reduced by 5%

Chapter 3

  • Fixed an issue where trains wouldn't spawn and left patients stuck inside the hospital
  • Fixed some objective text in Chapter 3
  • Fixed an issue which caused trains to occasionally disappear

Chapter 4

  • Fixed an issue where giant tomatoes weren't doing damage to props and rooms
  • Fixed a rare soft lock caused by canisters wanting to stay in the hospital for ever and ever
  • Changed the way the canisters react to the end of Big Veg timer, there should now be time for the last canisters to spawn so each canister has the chance to leave without being stuck in the hospital

Chapter 6

  • Fixed an issue where the elevators were erroneously triggering high-congestion thoughts

Chapter 8

  • Finances rating requirement reduced by 35%
  • Made changes to the timings of Colossal spawn to better fit the narrative with what's being said
  • Improved the objective display when treating Klem Banzig

Chapter 9

  • Fixed an issue with Burger Joint not popping at the right time
  • Added wait time before you can send off the shuttle to allow both the colossals to fully come in beside the hospital

Chapter 10

  • Fixed an issue with patients misbehaving in the intro cutscene
  • Fixed an issue where patient remains would spawn inside areas Medi cant reach for clean ups

Chapter 11

  • Fixed issues with cutscenes not showing correctly


Visual Improvements

  • Reduced the amount of glimmer and shine of hospital floors
  • Changed the mustard yellow colour on human males

Visual Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a room would be missing interior textures
  • Fixed patients teleporting out of corridors during cutscenes
  • Fixed the doctor’s positioning in the Centrifuge
  • Fixed consultant skin not showing in the chathead
  • Fixed an issue where patient death sequence for Nanoscopy didn't play out properly
  • Fixed a rare issue with highlight rendering
  • Fixed clipping issues when Xil's would use the toilet
  • Fixed an issue where patient death sequence for Xtra-Ray didn't play out properly
  • Fixed Dyonai skin/hair colour mismatch and re-introduced skin variants for a couple of conditions

User Interface

UI Improvements

  • Cleaned up the appearance of the text in the consultant roster
  • Rating stars will now glow as they're being filled
  • Hidden the 'BUILD' button for rooms that aren't yet available to build

UI Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the inventory panel closing instead of showing cursor in craft mode
  • Fixed the new item highlight being stuck in some areas
  • Fixed an issue where tutorial highlights would be stuck on the screen
  • Fixed objective panel sometimes being hidden when a level begins
  • Fixed an issue where menus could accidentally be clicked through while in game
  • Fixed 'Video' tab being out of screen in low resolutions
  • Fixed the Patient/Staff tooltip showing the '%' icon twice



  • Localised staff species tooltips when recruiting

Other Changes

  • Made changes to the way Colossals move around in multiple levels
  • Made it easier for gamepad users to escape menus and notifications
  • Gamepad users can now continue to adjust the camera while in UI windows
  • Non console platforms are now saving files in a more crash resistant way.
  • Some fixes to help the game recover if the player profile becomes corrupted
  • Made improvements to menu flow on gamepad
  • Made changes to the length of HEAL's VO
  • Updated VO timings for incidents
  • Added zoom in/out as remappable keys in keyboard settings
  • Updated item tooltips with improved descriptions
  • Various minor performance improvements

Additional Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Baz's Lucky Tooth (Colossal Artefact) not correctly reducing the cooldown for the travelling merchant
  • Fixed an issue which prevented rugs from being placed in front of doors
  • Fixed an issue where patients would teleport quite far from the teleportation pad
  • Fixed various gamepad navigation issues
  • Fixed Vizarj click reactions not sounding quite right
  • Fixed issue with Dr. Ohdious only playing generic Ohde click reactions
  • Fixed issues with mouse scroll not functioning properly
  • Fixed an issue where Twiggy Pop skin changes wouldn't show
  • Fixed an issue where patients couldn't fully die
  • There was an issue with past saves not being cleaned up. This fixes it and automatically removes older saves. This should help greatly on storage constrained platforms (Xbox/PS/Gog)
  • Fixed an issue where Earl Prince would stop receiving XP after 30 minutes
  • Fixed an issue which caused patients to occasionally not queue up for diagnosis
  • Fixed crash occurring when players sent patients to the end of a queue
  • Fixed a very rare issue which caused tutorial pop-ups to lock the game when playing on gamepad
  • Implemented a failsafe to prevent crashing while saving on PS5
  • Fixed an issue where deleting the Recovery Ward would force patients inside to be stuck
  • Fixed an issue where patients would see Twiggy Pop and leave without being properly cured
  • Fixed issue with Centrifuge interactions
  • Fixed an issue where canisters for colossal diagnosis were spawning outside of the shuttle
  • Fixed issues with the UI getting stuck when switching between Gamepad and Keyboard/Mouse input
  • Missing Medi lines have been added back in
  • Fixed an issue preventing hospital rating to reach 5 stars in some cases
  • Fixed some issues with Colossal VO
  • Fixed an issue where HEAL would be stuck repeating himself for the rest of eternity at the end of a level

Until Next Time Director,

Brightrock & CULT

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