Surgery in the club - Welcome to Laser Surgery

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Welcome back to Galacticare Wednesday!

This week we’re covering another treatment room, this time it’s Laser Surgery. This one is a personal favourite of mine for multiple reasons, one of them being that the room basically turns into a nightclub during surgery.

The sound design team at Zimmer Audio did an amazing job here with the SFX for this room:

Laser Surgery at 18 seconds


Laser Surgery is a surgical treatment where a doctor controls drones armed with mining lasers to perform intricate procedures.

The Laser Surgery table has a standard operating bed that seamlessly adjusts between vertical and horizontal positions. Concealed beneath the floor are two laser drones, hidden behind access ports they can use to fly in and out of.


A couple of the room theme items include a DJ turntable and speakers. While surgery is being performed you can see the room turn darker and the walls become audio visualisers with soundwaves and neon lights. A fun detail added to this room for when it breaks down, you might notice the walls actually break as well and fill the room with error codes.

Treatment Process

As treatment begins, the doctor positions themselves at the terminal and the patient is pulled onto the operating table. The doctor then interacts with the terminal, triggering the main prop to glow with neon edges and the emergence of the laser drones from their ports. The doctor skillfully pilots the drones to fire the right lasers in the right places. The main prop finally reverts to its initial appearance, and the drones return to their ports as the successfully cured patient exits the room.

Each treatment has different variations depending on the condition and the type of lasers the drone uses. A few of the different laser types include: Cutting Lasers, Healing/Stictching Lasers, Cooling/Heating Lasers & Destruction Beams.

That's all for the Laser Surgery introduction, there's always plenty more to learn about all the rooms and conditions in game so if you're a fan of lore then stay tuned.

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See you next week for another instalment of Galacticare Wednesday!

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