Lounging Around

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Welcome back to Galacticare Wednesday

This week we're taking a look at a couple rooms that are specifically made for lounging around. There are 2 rooms we'll be covering, one for staff and one for patients.

Firstly, the staff lounge serves as... a lounge area for staff. When your doctors need a bit of break time, the staff lounge is the perfect place for them to sit for a short while.


Building the staff lounge can sometimes prove a tricky task, amongst having to build all the other treatment rooms, the staff lounge can often be an afterthought which leaves you with a limited amount of space.

Building a large enough staff lounge means you can fully decorate it with a firepit, a sofa and an armchair. But if you wanted to go the extra mile for your staff you could make it even roomier to fit in all sorts of fun decor.

The next lounge area is the Recovery Ward. This serves as a place for dangerously sick patients to rest be healed by the amazing galactic class technology built-in to each bed.

Here's a few WIPs of the recovery beds in action.


Would love to hear some of your thoughts on both of these rooms as well as the animations/narrative that go with them. We're active in our Discord so feel free to let us know in there!

We'll be putting out updates across our TikTok, Twitter, and Discord so keep an eye out there to stay in the loop with all the latest.

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