Heavy Artillery Medicine

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Welcome back to Galacticare Wednesday

This week it’s all about a completely, most definitely, non-threatening treatment room. Projectile Medicine is a contraption that looks similar to a giant rocket launcher, it fires similar to one too.

Using Projectile Medicine, a qualified doctor would reload the device using the right medication for the patient’s condition. The rotating capsule rig (kinda like a revolver) which extends underground, will rotate until the correct capsule is in the cannon, and then load it.


The device comes with a very comfortable seat for the doctor to be lifted up into the air with the control screen rotated in front of them. Once the capsule rig is loaded to the correct medicine, the stasis pad will lift the patient and position them directly in front of the cannon.

The doctor can then blast the patient with the full force of Projectile Medicine.


Different conditions require different capsule ammunition. The cannon can be loaded with either of these capsules to treat the patient depending on their condition:

  • Electric Gun
  • Ice Gun
  • Bullet Gun
  • Fire Gun

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