Harvesting parasites in Big Farma - Level 4 Show Off

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Welcome back to Galacticare Wednesday!

This week we’ll be showing off a completed campaign level, mainly focusing on what a hospital would look like in Level 4 of Galacticare - Big Farma.

From the name of the level you might’ve already guessed it’s about a farm, so one of the biggest questions here is what exactly does a space farm look like.

Here’s our answer


Each level begins with a closed hospital, allowing you the time to go in and build your facilities in peace without the mess that comes with a wave of patients.


Once all the necessary rooms and objects are built, the hospital should be in a good place to start receiving patients.

Space Water

In Big Farma, part of the story is not only about the patients, but also about the farm (never would’ve guessed). As you progress through the objectives you’ll notice the crops growing in size and looking a little riper.


As I expanded my hospital and completed further objectives, the farm was looking huge. The patients kept flowing in needing all sorts of different treatments, meaning I’d have to open a new section of the hospital to build more treatment rooms dedicated to whichever condition happened to be the most frequent.


Queues for diagnosis rooms would get longer and longer as the level went on which meant I had to build more in each section wherever I could find space. The limited entrances meant it would speed things up if I started placing Teleportation Pads around the hospital, then new patients could travel to the least busy section without wasting any time.

By the end of the level this is what my hospital ended up looking like.


And that's it for this week's Galacticare Wednesday

We can’t wait to see what some of your own hospitals end up looking like and how you get on with some of our favourite levels!

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We’ll be back next week, in the meantime have a wonderful Christmas!

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