Happy Holidays from Galacticare - 2023 Recap

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From all of us at Brightrock and CULT Games, we wish you the happiest of holidays and a wonderful new year.

As we approach 2024 we've taken a look at what we got up to this past year and how we have worked towards getting where we are with Galacticare today. Being what is essentially our last full year working to release Galacticare, so much has changed since the start of 2023. We've worked on making our own style of content & social media assets, we've been going to events to show off the game, we released a demo and finally got to watch loads of you play Galacticare.

So in this blog we've made a list of some of the things we're most proud of from 2023. Enjoy!


Firstly lets take a look at some of the content we're proud of from this year

Meet The Xil

Our first species introduction video - 300k+ views on TikTok

Gameplay Trailer

First look at gameplay and features for our demo release

Live Brightrock Q&A Session


There are many moments from 2023 a lot of us would consider as our achievements, but if we boil it down to just a few it would be these:


We released our demo during the Steam Next Fest and got to enjoy watching loads of you stream our game. The demo was an amazing opportunity for us to listen to your feedback and talk to our community about all things Galacticare.


On our journey of venturing into the social medias and experimenting with Galacticare content, we ended up with way more exposure on TikTok than we initially expected. As it turns out a lot of you really liked our shortform video content and we ended up hitting 6 digit views on a good number of our uploads which was incredibly flattering and gave us so much confidence.


Gamescom was an amazing time for us, we had our own booth which we turned into a replica of a treatment room in Galacticare and we had so many people sit with us to try the game out. By the end of the event we got to go home and read through all the press which all-in-all just felt really great. As we get closer to launch, the thought of having so many hands and eyes on our work is a little daunting but after hearing so much positivity from people who got to try it out, we're more excited than anything.

Gamescom Wall
Gamescom Door

And that's it for 2023, it's been a fantastic year for us and we hope it's been a fantastic year for you too.

Our plans for 2024 are huge and the whole team is filled to the brim with excitement, we can't wait to see what next year looks like.

Don’t forget we publish a new deep-dive blog post once a month, and more weekly explorations (including daily Condition Research Journals) across our TikTok, Twitter, and Discord.

We will see you again next week, enjoy the rest of your holidays and have an amazing new year!

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