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Welcome back to Galacticare Wednesday!

This week we’re bringing you everything you need to know about the very first step in your patient's treatment process, the diagnosis room. This lovely and inviting room is one you'll be building loads of so we might as well get to know it a bit.

Love a concept


The diagnosis room is where your patients will head directly after reception, this is where a doctor will use various different drones to scan or biopsy to detect your patient’s condition. Once diagnosed, the patient can head to the next stage of their treatment.

It's really quite a pretty room when you forget about the scary drones

Treatment Process

  • Doctor approaches the control terminal (or is already standing there)
  • Patient enters, approaches the desk, and stands on the stasis pad
  • Doctor activates the stasis pad
  • Patient floats mid-air
  • Diagnosis begins
  • Depending on the length of the diagnosis, a series of animations will be selected from a large pool
  • These will make use of the various diagnosis drones
  • Whilst the above is happening, data will be appearing on the diagnosis display
  • Diagnosis completes
  • The stasis pad is disabled, releasing the patient
A quick beep boop here and it's job done

Diagnosis Desk

The diagnosis room presents a sleek sci-fi desk with interactive points on both sides. Its top surface serves as a display showing diagnostic outputs. On the patient's side, a ground-level stasis pad is surrounded by various implements. The desk features an integrated bay of diagnosis drones, launching with precision to encircle the patient. Executing uniform flight patterns, these drones scan for symptoms before seamlessly docking back into the desk. The four distinct types of diagnosis drones - Sonic, Optical, Prism, and Biopsy - contribute to the desk's efficiency and versatility in medical diagnostics.

Survival isn't guaranteed

And that's it for this week's Galacticare Wednesday

The diagnosis room is one you'll likely become really very familiar with so we can't wait to see how you all have fun with making your own.

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See you next week for another one!

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