Condition Research Journals - Dyonian Plague

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First Diagnosis: A huge influx of Dyonian Plague patients have turned up, the research team is hard at work to get this sorted

Research Level 1: Dr. Twiggy Pop has taken the case in an effort to save her own species

Research Level 2: I've never seen the Xen Garden in action until now, Dr. Twiggy Pop has been operating it with such ease

Research Level 3: I'm feeling quite bad for Dr. Twiggy Pop, the responsibility of saving her own species is a lot to bear

Research Level 4: Strange to think the Dyonai's mother might be responsible for all this, glad its being sorted

Research Level 5: Wow she's talented, most people would've had to buy tickets to hear that back in her touring days - though I'm not sure I was supposed to hear it

That concludes this week's Condition Research Journals on Dyonian Plague. See you next week for another condition. Follow our Twitter and Discord to see these posted daily!

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