Behind The Scenes Concept Art - Medibot!

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Greetings, Directors!

Yet another glorious Galacticare Wednesday is upon us! Today we’d like to share some behind the scenes content with you - character concept art!

Medibots are playful service bots that do a number of helpful tasks. Whether it’s maintaining hospital equipment or cleaning up countless piles of vomit, you can count on them to get the job done! However, the trusty sidekicks didn’t always look like the bright and shiny spherical metal you see now.

Take a look at the intergalactic journey of Medibot’s concept art! Patrick, our Art Director, shares the process of bringing everyone’s favorite little helper robots to life below:

Basically we went down an avenue of a Medibot that started from the idea of being more 'can we make it a bit dark by making him look like he's overworked and subservient, but still happy about it'

WALL-E and Jonny 5 were big inspirations for that. But the longer we spent down that route the more we realised that it wasn't looking appealing, expressive, likeable and instead a bit creepy, weird and cold.

You can see a mood board I did to U-turn on the direction we were going to create something that looked less industrial and unrelatable, and instead more purpose made and cuter:

Which resulted in Hugo making these two and we went with the second option (bottom left):

Cute and purposeful instead of overworked and tired robots? Yes please!

*Drum roll* Esteemed colleagues and hospital management sim enthusiasts, let us present to you the Medibot we all know and love (despite what HEAL says)!

The little loyal loyal helper never looked better! And with a face like that, how could anyone resist being their friend? (We’re looking at YOU, HEAL!)

Until next time, Directors!
- Brightrock & CULT

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